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I’m Albie.
A Malaysian bloke who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to the home of my prickly, maybe stinky, maybe awesome art. My Daily Durian.

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  • Watching: Iron Man
  • Drinking: Watuuurrrrr
I've ALWAYS felt that "LCZ128" was too little too hard to remember. 'L' - 'C' - 'Z' ; three letters that don't have anything to do with one another (unless you know my secret identity) and '1' - '2' - '8' ; numbers that also don't make the most sense (t'was my old house number back in Malaysia - how original!)

This is me making a return to Deviantart.
In the years since being here I've been up to a bunch of things, one of which being not much art.
Slowly "improving" here and there, only really coming back to art every once in a few months. I'd try to get back into things consistently but have had varied rates of success. 

I joined a toy podcast, The Fwooshcast, a few years ago - our show essentially ended when the admins decided to take the show in a completely different direction (which is remarkably similar to what we had, funnily enough! haha - it's a fun listen!) - The cast decided to go off and make our own show. The Repacked Podcast. We've been running for over a year and just today, I posted our very special Episode 69 (Yep! It's a weekly show, and all up I spend MANY hours a week on it between the actual recording of the show, the editing and publishing of the show - a little bit of a one-man-show act right now but I hope to change this soon one way or another!) The reason I bring this up is that just after Christmas last year, I got the opportunity to interview Rik Alvarez, head honcho of Play With This Too. We talked about their then-upcoming Kickstarter project and we got the bonus opportunity to do the reveal for the MIGHTY MUSCULES. My favourite character from the lineup! I sent Rik some fanart and BAM. I suddenly got the opportunity to work FOR them as a freelance designer/artist. Suddenly the fire to draw is reignited and I've had so much fun being a designer and illustrator.

Flash forward to today and unfortunately our Kickstarter was unsuccessful. We managed to raise just under 72,000 out of our initial goal of 80,000. In the last month, I know I've learnt so much about the Kickstarter process and about me and drawing. The dream is not dead, though. Time to regroup and come back and hopefully with take two, we'll be successful!

Where I'm going with this is that yes: the inspiration and drive to draw draw draw is alive once more, and this begins a brand new era for me. As such, I've renamed this account and gone premium for the year ahead. Time to have fun with deviantart again and trying to reach out to do more work with my art. Get legit and all, hey?

So from here on out I hope to bring you art as often as possible. Daily maybe- what will be here though, is my art. It may be prickly, you may think it stinks or maybe even find it awesome. 

My DailyDurian. ;)


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Dude... awesome work on everything!
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Hello! :D thanks for the watch all the way from DB :D
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Y HALO THAR - byron X3
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I'm doin good, man. How you traveling these days?
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lol - fancy seeing this reply after not coming onto DA for a while - all good- trying to get back into drawing more again :D
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Yeah sorry about that... my dAing has been pretty non existent for a little while now :D
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